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Looking for the best pillow? Our REM DreamSleep™ Pillow is designed with the highest quality of memory foam and is aerated allowing for a cool night’s sleep on a hot summer’s night. The pillow’s light coconut scent will help you relax and drift off into sleep.

The REM DreamSleep™ Pillow cradles you in comfort and is the perfect complement to the REM Bed. For a healthy night’s sleep, each pillow is custom made and is designed to perfectly align the head, neck and shoulders. The softest fabrics and highest quality pillow material will give you years of comfortable sleep by making sure your head and neck are supported. A zippered internal cover and comfortable zippered outer cover maintains cooling temperature and allows for easy cleaning.

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  1. Beatrice

    I recently purchased the REM pillow and I love it.

    For the past four years I have been searching for the perfect pillow to replace my old one. I’m a side-sleeper, and I’ve suffered from neck pain and stiffness since I had to give up my old pillow. I’ve always been extremely picky about my pillows. I’ve ordered dozens of different pillows, including down, poly stuffing, buckwheat chaff, and other types of memory foam. All of them I’ve sent back for various reasons: loft is too high, too flat, stuffing moves around, no support, neck pain, too firm.

    About two weeks ago I traveled from CT to visit a friend in L.A. She and her boyfriend have two REM pillows, and I was given one to sleep on while I stayed with them. It was the most incredible pillow I’ve ever used. Usually I dislike memory foam because it is too high, the foam is too firm and it forces my head up into an uncomfortable position, and it crushes my ear. When I wake up I always have neck pain and stiffness. With the REM pillow, I woke up with NO neck pain and feeling so refreshed. Somehow, it gives amazing support but didn’t squish my ear or angle my neck. After a couple nights of sleeping on it, I knew I had to have one. I called REM Sleep Solutions the next day and ordered one immediately.

    The sales rep I spoke with was very nice and answered all my questions. I was having difficulty ordering from their website, but he was able to sort everything out for me. My only hesitation (and really my only problem with the company policy) was that, unlike most pillow companies, REM Sleep Solutions does not offer a return policy for their pillows. Like I said, I am EXTREMELY picky about my pillows, and have returned almost every pillow I’ve ever purchased. This no-return policy made me nervous, as the pillows are fairly expensive and I didn’t want to be stuck with a pricey pillow I would never use. The sales rep transferred me to the company president, Randy, and I spoke with him about my concerns. He said that no, there was no return policy, but that they were a family-owned business committed to customer satisfaction and that if I had ANY problem with my pillow, he would accept a return and manufacture a completely new pillow for me in line with what I needed (I usually need softer pillows, so he told me he could create a new one that was of softer material). I had already been sleeping on my friend’s pillow for a couple nights and knew that I loved it, so I agreed to the purchase. Randy transferred me back to the sales rep, who informed me that, in addition to the already-discounted online price, if I were to write a review on my experience with the REM pillow, I would receive an extra $20 off my purchase. I was happy to accept. I don’t often write reviews, and when I do it is because I am either extremely satisfied or extremely unsatisfied. In this case, I have been so satisfied and pleased with my purchase.

    My pillow arrived to my home in CT about a week after my phone order. I had just returned from L.A. and was delighted. It is of good quality material and the included pillow cover is soft and high-quality as well. The pillow had a slight smell the first couple nights, but it dissipated quickly and wasn’t all that unpleasant or overwhelming in the first place. The pillow I received was just like pillow I had been using in L.A. It is supportive, but not hard. It doesn’t force my head and face up into awkward positions, it doesn’t crush my ear AT ALL, and it molds well when I squish it around- but doesn’t lose its support. Before the REM pillow, I was sleeping with a poly-fill pillow on top of a folded blanket. I needed a very particular height to softness ratio that I wasn’t able to find in any single pillow, so I had to improvise. With the REM pillow, I don’t need any extra add-ons to create the perfect height and support. Additionally, the pillow stays cool all night. I never feel as if my face or head is too hot. I haven’t woken up with any weird kinks in my neck or back, and although it has taken me a couple nights to get used to a firmer pillow, I am loving it. I have been using it for a full week now, and I look forward to sleeping at night (which I haven’t felt in a long time) and I feel refreshed when I wake up.

    My hope is that the REM pillow maintains its support and loft but remains nice and soft. I feel confident that if I have a problem with it, REM Sleep Solutions will handle it professionally and will honor their promise to replace my pillow and keep me satisfied as a customer. To be sure, I will follow up with any future interactions I have with them. Overall, I am VERY pleased with my purchase, and I am so relieved to again have a pillow that I love. I would definitely purchase another pillow (and just may do that to have another on-hand), and I would also recommend this pillow to others. I actually might gift this pillow to other people in my life who are picky-pillow users! I am a happy customer!

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      Thanks for the kinds words about our REM Pillows Beatrice!

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