Latex Hybrid Mattress

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If you are looking for a comfortable mattress with back support for a great night’s sleep, our Latex Hybrid Split Mattress will give you the comfort you are seeking. This mattress has the responsive comfort of natural latex and the traditional support of an innerspring mattress. The REM Bed® 14-inch latex hybrid mattress is built for comfort using a thick layer of ventilated latex offering a sleeping surface with resilient response. Beneath the latex, gel memory foam and plush memory foam, mattress comfort layers conform to curves for superior pressure relief for restful sleep. These mattress comfort layers are designed to improve temperature and breathability for a more even sleep climate. At its base, a unit of 12-gauge pocket coils provides the traditional support and bounce of a top-quality spring mattress.

  • 2-inch natural latex surface for responsive comfort
  • 12 gauge pocket coil unit provides traditional support from beneath
  • Conveniently shipped in a box for easy transportation
  • 10-year warranty


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