Frequently Asked Questions on Mattresses and Bedding…

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What makes a great mattress?

The best mattresses are made with high quality materials and fabrics.

What are the delivery fees?

Your online mattress purchase can be delivered for less than you think, most times the delivery cost is included. For free mattress delivery online options, call 1-877-736-2337

Do you offer financing for mattress purchases?

Mattress financing options are available on our REM Sleep Solutions website here.

What is the historical performance of your mattresses?

Our REM high quality mattresses last a long, long time. In fact, we have the mattresses with the longest written warranty.

Do you set up mattresses when you deliver them?

Our mattresses  come ready for you to easily set up yourself, or you can choose our White Glove Mattress Delivery Service which cost a little extra, but most people say it’s well worth it.

What is the difference between the REM Sleep Mattress and Purple?

Best value mattresses. REM Sleep Solutions has a higher quality mattress than Purple® Over and over our customers rave about how much better quality our mattress is compared to other bed brands. Try us and you will see.

Do I Need a Box Spring or Foundation for My Mattress?

Best mattresses online. Box springs are foundations and bases designed to support mattresses, rise them from the floor and keep your mattress protected from wear. Most box springs and foundations are cheaper than other bed frame types (such as adjustable bases or platforms).  Most bed and mattress manufacturers have warranty requirements where you need a box spring, base or platform for your mattress. In some cases you can get away without a foundation or box spring to support your mattress.

REM Sleep Solutions has the best mattresses you can find online.