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Pick Your Sleep System

We offer three custom sleep packages especially designed to meet your budget, comfort, and sleep style. Choose between Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each package is uniquely designed with a choice of mattress size, comfort level, and accessories.

Meet our Lineup of Luxury Mattresses

We offer our classic Martinique or Paradise Mattress along with a new Gel Hybrid or Copper Style Mattress. Learn more about choosing the perfect mattress.
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It’s Like Sleeping On A Cloud

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Experience the ultimate in bedtime bliss with REM Pillow—it’s like sleeping on a cloud. Immerse yourself in unrivaled comfort and discover a new dimension of luxurious rest. Drift into dreamland with the heavenly sensation of a cloud-like embrace, making each night a truly blissful escape.

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Want to See Our Products in Person?

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If you are in the Southern California area, visit our Showroom in
Placentia, CA. We are available by appointment to meet with you to discuss what your specific needs are and have you try out our products. We have our mattresses and furniture collections on display. Please call 714-223-2830 today to set up an appointment with a Sales Representative.


What People Say?

Here’s how to rate our mattress delivery service – your feedback is greatly appreciated!


REM beds are phenomenal…. I wish I could give more than 5 stars!!!! My wife and I purchased an REM bed and now sleep straight through the night. The bed allows us to have a peaceful night and we do not wake up to achy backs and sore necks! I actually hate to get out of the bed. We are now competing with our children for our own bed! You will not regret purchasing an REM bed!

Ralph G.



The quality of my sleep has forever changed with the REM Sleep Solution Mattress. My husband and I went all out and purchased the Cal-King Martinique Mattress, Sheets, Euro Dream Pillows….and voila….we both sleep like little babies. I have spent too many years tossing and turning with chronic back pain. Now I wake up refreshed and pain free. Thank you REM Sleep Solutions!!

Grace L.



We love our mattress! My wife loves our new REM bed, she used to get a sore neck from our old mattress now she sleeps soundly and wakes up refreshed. The ordering was easy and their delivery service was right on time and ran smoothly. We would recommend REM Sleep Solutions for mattresses, pillows and sheets to everyone!

Randy T.


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